Twin brothers Mike and Matt from Arizona spent thousands of dollars to look like Brad Pitt. Their makeover was documented in MTV's I Want a Famous Face.

A dozen years ago, when MTV was a leader in entertainment, I Want a Famous Face show was on the air. At that time, the heroes of one of the episodes were twins Mike and Matt Schlepp, who wanted to look like the idol of women around the world – Brad Pitt.

Source: The Sun

The men decided to make their dream come true by undergoing numerous plastic surgeries.

Source: The Sun

By all accounts, Brad Pitt is considered one of the most beautiful men in the world, so the choice of his face as a perfect one for the Schlepp brothers was not surprising.

Source: The Sun

Mike and Matt wanted to get rid of their insecurities and invested thousands in a spectacular makeover. The men spent a whopping $20,000! MTV bosses also claimed that the heroes of the program covered all the expenses themselves.

Source: The Sun

The men got implants in their cheeks and chins, nose jobs, had braces and changed their hairstyles. All these procedures were not the most pleasant, nor was the recovery period. For a while, the Schlepp brothers lived on yogurts and soup.

Despite the pain, they made no secret of how pleased they were with their transformation.

Source: The Sun

Mike and Matt said the transformation boosted their self-esteem, which allowed them to attract women's attention. "It has definitely helped me get more girls," one of the brothers said.

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In interviews, they also encouraged others to improve their appearance to get rid of any insecurities:

"I feel on top of the world by the few tweaks that I went through. Go through with the surgery now because you don't want to go through life always feeling down with the way that you look."

Source: The Sun

After the makeover the brothers tried to make a career in Hollywood. The aspiring actors thought that a spectacular transformation would open the door to the big world, but some said that ... the makeover was a failure and they didn't look like Brad Pitt at all.

Source: The Sun

Source: The Sun

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