Rachel Green has revealed how her own beauty brand has helped her embrace her natural beauty.

Like most Hollywood stars, actress Jennifer Aniston, 53, realized that today the beauty world is extremely influential, and has created her own beauty brand. Moreover, it's turned out that owing her brand has become a great opportunity for Jen to learn to fully embrace her natural appearance.

The Friends star has recently shown how she uses the products of her brand LolaVie. A look "right after the shower" might be unflattering for many of us, but not in the case of Aniston. Thanks to a special hair oil her natural curls shone with strength and health.

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Posing for the camera also turned out not just a waste of time, since the pleasure of subscribers is the main celebrities' secret of success. Aniston's colleagues, including Naomi Watts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Lauren Kennedy, and Rita Wilson, showed great support for the new businesswoman.

When Aniston announced the launch of her own hair care brand last September, few of the actress' fans were surprised. Ever since the days of Friends, on-screen Rachel Green and her real twin sister have been real beauty icons that all girls look up to. However, it turned out that LolaVie helped Aniston to finally understand the versatility of her appearance.

Source: marieclaire.com

"I've never been able to tame my hair without using tons of different products. It was a great relief to finally have products that I developed myself, because that way I can take better care of my hair," Jen said.

LolaVie helped Aniston finally understand what real beach waves look like. The actress believes that her main success is that her own brand works in favor of her appearance.

Source: marieclaire.com

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