Former Army officer Major James Hewitt had a five-year long affair with Princess Diana, fueling nasty rumors that he is Prince Harry's real father. The Duke of Sussex has opened up about it in his new book Spare, which has rekindled interest in one of the late Princess of Wales' lovers.


Prince Harry, 38, has been candid about the ugly rumors that his biological father is Major James Hewitt haunting him for years. In his book Spare, the Duke of Sussex has revealed that his father Charles has always ridiculed it. Rumors of Harry's illegitimacy were rife after Princess Diana's affair with the officer became known to the public. Shortly before her death, Lady Di confirmed that she had been romantically involved with Major Hewitt in the 1980s.

Prince Charles and James Hewitt, 1991. Source:

"One cause of this rumor was Major Hewitt's flaming ginger hair, but another cause was sadism," Harry wrote in his memoir. He added that tabloid readers "liked the idea" that he was not Charles's biological son and "they never got tired of that 'joke', for some reason." In his memoirs, the Duke of Sussex recalled that Diana and James met "long after I was born." In fact, it happened in 1986, when the two attended a party thrown by Princess' maid of honor Hazel West.


From the biography of James Lifford Hewitt we know that he was born into a military family. His father, John Hewitt, was a British naval officer. James attended Milfield School and joined the army at the age of 20, when he was drafted into the Guards Brigade.

James Hewitt, 1999. Source:

The officer's romance with the princess lasted about five years and ended because James went overseas. Diana felt betrayed when her lover prioritized his career. In 1994, shortly after James left the army, he began working with the writer Anna Pasternak, and together they created an outspoken book entitled Princess in Love. It claimed that Diana and Hewitt had an affair between 1986 and 1991, before the Princess of Wales' marriage to Prince Charles officially broke up in 1992. In 1996, in BBC Panorama Princess Diana confirmed the affair, but noted that much of the book was just a fantasy. "Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him. But I was very disappointed," she admitted.

James Hewitt, 2004. Source:

After Diana's tragic death in 1997, Hewitt made several media appearances to discuss his affair with the late princess. He released another book and often expressed regret about the first one. So what is the former British Army cavalry officer doing now? This week he was seen mowing his lawn and raking leaves at his estate in Devon. He had previously been spotted gardening at the house where he lives with his mother. In October 2022, it was reported that James, along with a former co-worker, created a non-profit initiative to help refugees.


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