Looking at the recent photos of Kate Middleton, fans have seen confirmation that Prince Harry's scandalous revelations, released worldwide on Kate's 41th birthday, have taken a heavy toll on the Windsors.

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Prince Harry mentioned his sister-in-law Catherine, Princess of Wales, several times in his scandalous memoir Spare. The royal family went through a difficult period after the release of the book, which mentions William, Charles, Camilla, and many other Windsors. Harry did not hesitate to question even his grandmother's decisions concerning Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

Prince Harry talks about his book on CBS's 60 Minutes. Source: marieclaire.com

The palace has given no official reaction to the biography or to the Duke of Sussex's TV appearances arranged in its support. However, members of the British royal family have clearly been hurt by Harry's actions. In recent photos, Kate looked depressed. The princess appeared in public for the first time since the worldwide release of her brother's-in-law memoirs. Kate was last seen on Christmas Day as she, Prince William and their three children walked from Sandringham House for a morning service at St. Mary Magdalene Church. The appearance was a debut for Prince Louis. The sassy young member of the royal family won the hearts of all the worshippers.

The Prince and Princess of Wales spent their Christmas vacation privately and have yet to hold any public events outside the palace this year. The Princess has been recently spotted driving. She was wearing a beige coat and a small checkered scarf. Catherine looked tired, and fans expressed concern about her under-eye circles.

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It was just two days after Kate celebrated her 41st birthday, but the date was not honored by Kensington Palace with either a new photo or a public statement. Her birthday came on the eve of the global release of Prince Harry's memoir, which includes references and accusations against Kate as well as other members of the royal family.

Prince Harry gives his third TV interview on ABC's Good Morning America, January 2023. Source: marieclaire.com

Royal observers and fans have noticed that Harry's assessments are, as always, contradictory. In the book, he describes the infamous quarrel between Meghan and Kate, which took place days before the Sussexes' wedding in May 2018. The book also revealed how Catherine was allegedly reluctant to share lip gloss with her sister-in-law.

Source: marieclaire.com

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