Lisa Marie passed away at 54, just days after congratulating Austin Butler on winning the Golden Globe Best Actor. Lisa Marie praised his performance in the biopic Elvis.

Lisa Marie Presley at the Golden Globe Awards 2023. Source: Getty

Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of the legendary King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, died at age 54. Her heart stopped despite doctors' efforts. She had her first husband, Danny Keough, by her side. The couple lived together while trying to get over the suicide of their son together Benjamin.

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Although Lisa Marie was one of the most famous persons in the world, her life cannot be called easy. She was losing loved ones, money, and struggling to cope with drug addiction.

Lisa Marie Presley's childhood and youth

Lisa Marie was born in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, 9 months after Elvis and Priscilla got married. She immediately became the most popular child in the world.

Lisa Marie Presley and her parents. Source: Getty

Priscilla and Elvis Presley divorced when Lisa Marie was four years old because Elvis wouldn't sleep with women who gave birth. Lisa lived with her mother, but her father often spent time with her.

Elvis passed away when his daughter was nine years old at his famous Graceland estate. She became his only heiress.

Lisa Marie in her nursery at Graceland. Source: Instagram

Lisa Marie recalled that her father pampered her, buying her jewelry and tiny fur coats. And when she wanted to see snow, he ordered a jet plane and took her to Utah, where she played in the snow for 20 minutes before returning home.

At school, Presley's daughter had trouble forming relationships with her classmates and got addicted to drugs.

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Lisa Marie Presley's Four Marriages

In 1988 she married rock guitarist Danny Keough, her first husband. They divorced in 1994, remaining friends and raising children their two kids together – daughter Riley and son Benjamin. Lisa Marie always called Danny her friend.

Lisa Marie Presley and her first husband, Danny Keough. Source: Getty

Lisa Marie met Michael Jackson at a party and was smitten by him. She later realized it wasn't love, but they had already been married. "His eccentricities fascinated the audience. But then people got tired of those mysteries. Michael turned into a circus freak, and he couldn't get rid of that image," Lisa Marie said.

Lisa Marie Presley with her second husband, Michael Jackson. Source: Getty

Lisa Marie filed for divorce when the musician went to hospital and they had a quarrel.

"He told me to leave, and I freaked out and left," she described breaking up with one of the world's most popular musicians after her father. By the way, their awkward performance on MTV in 1994, when Michael kissed her while trying to deny rumors that they weren't having sex, Lisa Marie described this way: "I didn't want to kiss him in front of the cameras, I knew it would be a silly show-off, but he did it anyway."

She met Nicolas Cage when he was in the process of divorcing Patricia Arquette. And according to Lisa Marie, he was great, but they could not get along together and divorced.

Lisa Marie Presley and her third husband, Nicolas Cage. Source: Getty

Lisa Marie's fourth husband was musician Michael Lockwood. The couple married in 2006 and divorced scandalously in 2016. Michael wanted custody of his twin daughters Harper and Finley, and Lisa Marie claimed she found child porn on his computer. Michael denied it.

Lisa Marie Presley with her last husband, Michael Lockwood. Source: Instagram

Her last husband, despite a prenuptial agreement, demanded $263,000 a year. The case was settled in 2018 in favor of Presley, but in 2021 Lockwood went to court again demanding alimony. Presley turned him down, saying she had no money.

Finally, Lisa Marie experienced her worst loss in 2020 when her son Benjamin Keough committed suicide at age 27.

Benjamin and Riley are Lisa Marie's kids with her first husband. Source: Instagram

She later wrote that her son always reminded her of Elvis Presley, which both frightened and amazed her. And she could not get over his death, blaming herself every day for what happened.

Benjamin's friends told her that he suffered from depression, and being isolated during the pandemic he just couldn't cope with it.


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