The book Spare, which became available in stores this week, covers details about Prince Harry's life, including his romantic relationships and conflicts in the royal family. The memoir makes many serious allegations that have further exacerbated the rift between Harry and the Windsor dynasty. However, observers and royal fans wonder if the king's youngest son wrote the biography himself.

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It is widely believed that the writer and journalist John Joseph Moehringer helped Prince Harry write the scandalous work. Moehringer, now 58, has already written a book exposing father-son relationships. In his 2005 memoir, The Tender Bar, Moehringer recounts that he was abandoned by his father as a child and tried to find father in other men including his uncle Charlie. He also describes the period of growing up into his twenties. One of the major themes in Spare is Harry's relationship with other members of the royal family, including his brother Prince William, father Charles, and stepmother Camilla.

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So how did Sussex and Moehringer cross paths? The writer is believed to have been introduced to the Duke by George Clooney, who produced and directed the Amazon adaptation of The Tender Bar (the movie starring Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan, and Daniel Ranieri was released on Amazon Prime on January 7, 2022). George and his wife Amal are friends with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and attended their wedding in 2018. Another theory is that Harry and Moehringer met through Netflix. The streaming platform has recently acquired the rights to Nike co-founder Phil Knight's biography Shoe Dog, written by the author.

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Page Six reports that Moehringer was paid $1 million to work on Spare. Prince Harry's income from the deal with the publishing house is estimated at about a hundred million, although estimates vary.

Source: Legion Media

As mentioned above, John Moehringer grew up without a father. He was raised by his single mother on Long Island. He attended Yale University, became a journalist, worked for The New York Times as a news assistant, and then moved to Colorado. Now he lives in San Francisco with his wife, book editor Shannon Welch, and their two children. In 2000, Moehringer won the Pulitzer Prize for his essay. John is often dubbed a ghostwriter.


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