It might seem that Princess Anne doesn't follow fashion trends. Fashion critics have noticed that Elizabeth II's daughter appears with a souvenir store bag at mourning events.

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Princess Anne has been dubbed the "secret" or "unexpected" fashion icon of the British royal family. The only daughter of Elizabeth II, she used to wear the most fashionable outfits in her youth, however, many decades later she opts for her favorite pieces, always surprising the public. Her Highness can wear both classic outfits following court traditions and rather unexpected accessories that cannot be seen on other Windsors.

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Representing the British royal family in Athens at Constantine II's funeral, the royal princess made a rare public appearance overseas with representatives of Europe's dynasties. The farewell to Greece's final king was lavish and solemn.

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Like all the other guests, Princess Anne, who spoke on behalf of the British crown, observed the mourning dress code. Curiously enough, there was an unexpected detail in her outfit – bag from the Balmoral Castle gift store.

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Princess Royal wore the same bag on many occasions. Prior to the Greek king's funeral, Princess Anne was seen carrying Balmoral Blue Jura Handbag from the royal gift store during the official period of mourning following Elizabeth II's death in September 2022, when she and other Windsors were holding public events. The accessory was with Her Highness when she visited Balmoral, Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Balmoral Blue Jura Handbag. Source:

The $105 Balmoral Blue Jura Handbag is one of many in the Balmoral Gift line. A total of six other models are available all featuring a blue and white tartan print. Prices for the bags start at $60. The 72-year-old royal princess shows the democratic accessory with such dignity much to her fans' delight.


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