Life is Good is a popular American apparel and accessories brand created by two brothers in Boston. In 1989 Bert and John Jacobs founded the company which specializes in production and sale of T-shirts, designed by themselves. For over 25 years they have been successfully creating optimistic, playful, and energetic fashion, which has a lot of fans across America. But not many people know that if it were not for their mother, this company would have never existed.


Walking in the Sun

Today, The Life Is Good Company sells everything from T-shirts with motifs to outerwear that are perfect for biking and other outdoor activities. The mission of the Jacobs brothers is to tell people to stay in a good mood, become free-spirited in harmony with your outfit. It's hard to believe that at the beginning of their career, the brothers had nothing but each other, and today their company's net worth is $100 million.


Mom's lessons

According to the brothers, a big deal of their success is due to their mother. John and Bert believe that it was she who taught them to see the good in this life and remain optimistic, despite the everyday difficulties and chores. There were four children in their family. In childhood, their father was involved in a car accident and lost his right arm. The family began to struggle financially, and the brothers experienced the consequences of their father's quick temper.


But despite the difficulties, their mother continued to believe that life was the best thing that man had. Every day she asked her kids the same question, "Tell me what good things happened to you today?"

A daily assignment

For the boys' sake, their mom showed that being optimistic is the choice her kids should make every day. Bert and John continue to follow that rule now, which is why they didn't get discouraged during the years when things didn't go well for them, when they had to sell T-shirts on the streets of Boston to pay their bills.


And luck smiled on them. They succeeded when they painted a smiley face on their T-shirts and inscribed Life is Good – their motto and mascot. Today Life is Good has about 4,500 retail stores throughout the United States and Canada, but the brothers remain humble and cheerful people.

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