Miranda Lambert is now a famous country singer, Grammy Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards winner, whose heartfelt music has touched a chord with millions around the world. Needless to say, she has earned millions of dollars through her music career. However, few people know that she had a rough start in life.

Miranda Leigh Lambert was born November 10, 1983, to Rick and Bev Lambert in Longview, Texas. After the oil crisis damaged the economy in Texas, her parents who worked as private detectives lost everything.

Miranda with her mom. Source: Instagram

Miranda's family went broke and the bank repossessed their home, so the Lamberts ended up on the street. Fortunately, their relatives allowed the family to move in with them until they found and old dilapidated house in Lindale, Texas.

An old house from the song The House That Built Me. Source: YouTube

Looking back on the home where she spent her childhood, Miranda said:

"So of the windows were boarded up, and we never did get central heating. So when you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you had to run, because it was freezing!"

Nevertheless, the family was very grateful for that neglected place that had become their refuge. Moreover, they asked the landlord to allow them to refurbish the house instead of paying rent, and amazingly, the man agreed. The process of the house renovation has become symbolic for their family as it signified the rebuilding of the family's fortune.

This childhood experience inspired Lambert to write The House That Built Me, that has become a No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Source: Instagram

Lambert recalls that her family was destitute and sometimes they didn't have money to buy food. However, she doesn't blame her parents for that and still considers her childhood "incredible."

She never understood the full extent of the hard times they went through until she became an adult. And now, Lambert values that, saying that all their difficulties resulted in a strong family with a positive outlook.

Source: Instagram

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Now Lambert whose net worth is considered to be $40 million, helps those who are in need. In 2009, she and her mom Bev founded the MuttNation Foundation to raise funds for animal shelters.

Source: Instagram

The organization also seeks to encourage more people to adopt a pet and educate pet owners on the importance of spaying/neutering their animals.

Source: Instagram

Lambert is enjoying life with her former police officer husband Brendan McLoughlin with whom she tied the knot on January 26, 2019, in Davidson County, Tennessee.

Source: news.amomama.com

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