Jean Harlow, the first platinum-haired screen goddess, lived only 26 years. But in such a short time she managed to become an idol for millions of people and a source of inspiration for a number of screen and showbiz stars.

Future screen star Harlean Harlow Carpenter was born into the family of a dentist and the daughter of a wealthy broker. Her mother, Jean Poe, an energetic and ambitious lady, played a big role in her daughter's fate. She herself dreamed of becoming an actress and, unhappy in her marriage, decided to fulfill her unfulfilled dreams in her only daughter.

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In the movies Harlean appeared by chance. She drove her friend to the studio "Fox" and while she was sitting in the car, high-ranking managers of the studio were walking by. Her Elegant blonde figure drew their attention, and they invited Harlean to come for an audition.

The first steps of the novice actress went almost unnoticed. Harlean made her film debut in "Honor Bound". Later she appeared in 14 other films, which received mostly tiny unnamed roles.

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In 1929, Harlean was introduced to future billionaire Howard Hughes, only twenty-four years old at the time, by a producer. Hughes was not impressed by the exquisite beauty of the girl, and agents were able to convince the producer that the platinum blonde was able to become a real sensation. Finally, in October 24, 1929 Harlean signed a contract with him for five years and got a new name - Jean Harlow.

The first serious role in the movie "Hell's Angels," which became the most expensive film of those years, turned the girl from an ordinary debutante into a Hollywood movie star.

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Since the early thirties, her image has been part of the production as well. Her naturally blond hair is carefully highlighted with peroxide, which is always carefully curled and perfectly styled. As a result, Jean Harlow got her famous nickname - platinum blonde, which would later be applied to other film divas.

Her image will become a kind of ideal to which show business stars will aspire decades later. Another Hollywood goddess, Marilyn Monroe, is one of the first film divas who began to imitate the style of Jean Harlow. She admired the actress and even dreamed of playing the role of Harlean in her autobiographical film.

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Despite her bright, admirable looks, Jean Harlow was not happy in her personal life. And she was further pushed in that direction by her beloved mother, who believed that her success was nothing more than just being used by men around her. It was not until 1935 that Harlow seemed to find true love in the person of a colleague in one of the films of actor William Powell.

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During filming a colleague noticed Jean's breathing to be getting heavier and heavier, and her forehead to be soaked in sweat. At the hospital, doctors diagnosed Harlow with uremia - self-poisoning due to the failure of the kidneys, which ceased to excrete harmful substances. The platinum blonde was only 26 years old.


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