The role of women in human history is great. They are not only wives and mothers, but also famous figures of culture and art, they rule the whole nations, and some even become a real symbol of their era. Many of them are famous and love animals. Let's take a look at the famous women from the past who helped to make the lives of animals better.

Elizabeth II

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The British Queen, who passed away last year, had an incredible love for pets. Elizabeth II's passion for dogs was known around the world, but a special place in her heart belonged to her corgis. During her lifetime Buckingham Palace was home to more than 30 dogs of this breed! But the love of the monarch was not limited to her own dogs.

Elizabeth II, like other members of the British royal family, patronized animal shelters across the country. The British Crown sponsored (and still does!) many facilities that help the cats and dogs which for some reason have been left to fend for themselves. During her lifetime she personally visited these centers and tried to bring special public attention to this subject.

Margaret Thatcher

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The most famous woman who served as Prime Minister of Great Britain, was not only strong political leader, but also an animal lover.

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The "Iron Lady" was once taking care of Humphrey the cat who lived in the Houses of Parliament in Downing Street. Later on, fate was kind to the pet:not only his owner, but also other members of Parliament were fond of him. And later he was even assigned a salary as the chief mouser! The cat was also popular with journalists and even enjoyed posing for photo shoots.

Brigitte Bardot

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The famous French actress, recognized style icon of the second half of the XX century, also did not leave stray animals without attention. Living in Saint-Tropez, Bardot has put a lot of effort into creating a foundation to fight for a better life of homeless animals.

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Her villa is home to many animals, including sheep, goats, horses, as well as more than a dozen cats and dogs. The actress not only took part in the activities of her foundation, Bardot has given all her life savings to the organization, and also sold her large collection of jewelry and transferred the proceeds to the account of the foundation. In one interview she said that she wanted to devote her life to animals.

Audrey Hepburn

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The American movie actress is known not only for her roles, unique sense of style, and elegance, but also for her attitude to animals. Without them, she could not imagine her life.

Hepburn once appeared with her Yorkshire terrier in Funny Face. Hepburn's dog, named Mr. Famous, became popular due to this film. However, Audrey loved not only dogs.

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During the filming of Green Mansions Hepburn sheltered a fawn Pippin at home so the animal would get used to her. Their bond was so strong that Hepburn and fawn wouldn't part even at night! And after the filming of Breakfast at Tiffany's, another pet, a cat named Orangey, became world famous.

Source: pets.mail

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