British Channel 4 has released a documentary about Princess Diana. The new film tells about an unknown interview Lady Di gave to a journalist from the Daily Mail three months before her most scandalous TV interview for the BBC. It turned out that shortly before her interview with Martin Bashir, Diana had spoken to reporter Max Hastings, who published details of the conversation 25 years later.

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The journalist said that Princess Diana immediately made it clear how much she hated Charles. Even when asked about her happy moments in family life, she categorically stated that this marriage was hell for her from day one.

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Lady Di also admitted that she was worried about Prince William's inheritance and his rights to the throne as she wanted him to be the next in line. The princess believed that Charles lacked the willpower to become king. However, she dreamed that Charles would give up the throne in favor of William.

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The reporter himself was taken aback by Lady Di's directness, so he decided not to publish such a candid interview. "I decided then that my job was to try to help Diana keep her worst secrets a secret, not to throw her to the public."


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