Dorothy Gibson was born on May 17, 1889 in Hoboken, a small American town. Her father died when the future actress was only 3 years old. Pauline Boesen, the mother of little Dorothy, married again. Her second husband was Leonard Gibson. His surname was used by Dorothy as her pseudonym in the film industry.

Dorothy Gibson. Source: marieclaire

The Titanic notorious tragedy played a particularly important role in Gibson's life. In addition to the fact that she managed to get away from there alive, 10 days after the incident Dorothy starred in a movie about the disaster.

On April 10 Dorothy and her mother boarded the Titanic. Four days later Dorothy Gibson had fun playing bridge with New York bankers. At 23:40 at the moment of collision of the ocean liner with an iceberg, Dorothy was returning to her mother's cabin, because she had heard a crack. It was the beginning of the Titanic's disaster.

Source: marieclaire

Gibson quickly led her mother out of the cabin and sat with her and her bridge partners in the first lifeboat. According to Dorothy, the lifeboat had a huge breach, which they were somehow able to plug with clothes, so her rescue was a pure miracle. Then the survivors boarded other ship, which carried the passengers suffering from hypothermia to New York City.

Gibson told Moving Picture World magazine, "I'll never forget the terrible screams that came from people thrown into the water and others who were afraid for their loved ones.”

Soon after that producers begged Gibson, still not recovered from the horror she had experienced, to star in a film. The film was released a month after the sinking and was called 'Saved From the Titanic.'

Saved from The Titanic. Source: marieclaire

Saved From the Titanic was the last film in her career. After it Dorothy left the film industry in order to pursue choral career.

Source: marieclaire

Source: marieclaire

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