When you look at these stars, it seems that time has slowed down for them. Some of them are much older than they look, and judging by appearances one can't actually tell their real age.


Cher, 2021. Source: Legion Media

Cher has been on stage for more than half a century. By the age of 76 one of the brightest women of her generation and a winner of many hearts has taken the lead in the number of plastic surgeries. Journalists, who follow the star closely, claim that she had gone under the knife about 60 times. The singer decided to have her first plastic surgery done after she saw herself on television. Then the star did a nose job.

Cher, 2021-2022. Source: Legion Media

Obviously, her prominent cheekbones are also the result of surgeons’ manipulations. It can be assumed that the star either constantly corrects them with fillers, or has done a more serious procedure, that is the installation of implants. The smooth forehead and the absence of wrinkles suggest Botox injections. Blepharoplasty, a facelift, and a boob job allow the singer to maintain a youthful look even in her 70s.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone, 2022. Source: Legion Media

Despite being in her 60s, the actress has a slender figure, incredibly smooth, and fresh face. In comparison with the photos made 25 years ago, it is noticeable that now Sharon's nose is more elegant: the nose has become straight with its tip pointed.

Sharon Stone, 2021-2022. Source: Legion Media

In 2006 the actress’ breast suddenly became more full, and 6 years later at the Cannes Film Festival the star showed a new, even firmer chest, which her fans did not fail to notice due to the revealing dress.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci, 2022. Source: Legion Media

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Despite the fact that the femme fatale Monica Bellucci almost swears that she has never undergone plastic surgery and prefers to age beautifully, the facts speak for themselves. After two births the 57-year-old actress’ breast retains its seductive fullness.

Monica Bellucci, 2019-2021. Source: Legion Media

For a long time, Monica’s bags under the eyes attracted public attention, but not so long ago they suddenly disappeared. Monica started looking younger. So, the star is believed to have done blepharoplasty. Moreover, her smooth forehead may indicate the use of Botox.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, 2022. Source: Legion Media

Despite being 52 years old J. Lo does not have any serious age changes. The most famous part of the singer's body, of course, the butt, remains unchanged for a long time. Therefore, the singer can deny vehemently the participation of plastic surgeons in the creation of her famous butt, but hardly anyone will believe her anymore.

Jennifer Lopez, 2021-2022. Source: Legion Media

There are suspicions that the star also has had a boob job. The shape of the star's breasts remains as if Jennifer was still in her 30s. Furthermore, on the later photos the singer's nose looks more neat and thin. This indicates an extremely delicate surgical intervention, which can only be admired! Blepharoplasty, Botox, and facelift help the star look seductive even in her 50s.

Source: marieclaire

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