It is believed that Jean Harlow was gifted with a greater acting talent than Monroe. For example, in 1934 she was the Oscar nominee for her leading role in "The Girl from Missouri". Marilyn Monroe was never nominated for The Academy Awards. Jean Harlow’s beauty was unique. She had a perfect figure, voluminous golden hair, unusual eyes, that conquered millions of American men.

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In childhood Jean Harlow (born Harlean Harlow Carpenter) was a sickly girl, and her parents affectionately called their daughter "The Baby”. When Jean was 11 years old, her father left the family. At the age of 14 the future Hollywood star moved to Chicago, where two years later she married Charles "Chuck" Fremont McGrew, a wealthy heir. Having received part of his inheritance, Charles McGrew took his beautiful wife to Los Angeles. There Jean’s new friends persuaded her to go to the casting and to try her hand at acting. Jean Harlow’s dazzling beauty caught the eye of the famous director Howard Hughes. A year later, Jean Harlow would leave her husband and marry Howard Hughes.

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In 1930, the director gave her one of the lead roles in the film Hell's Angels. The success was overwhelming. Jean Harlow was immediately called a rising star, not only for her sensual and vivid beauty, but also for her considerable talent.

Later Jean was involved romantically with producer Paul Bern, and decided to divorce Hughes.

Her second marriage to Paul Bern was short and tragic. On July 2, 1932, they had arranged a wedding and two months later Paul committed suicide, leaving his young wife a rather strange note. Her second husband’s death came as a great shock to Jean. At the age of 21 she became a widow, never knowing the reason that had led to the death of her husband.

Sometime later platinum blonde’s personal life started looking up. She started dating actor William Powell, who wanted to marry her.

With her sweetheart William Powell. Source: Legion Media

Delicate Jean often suffered from frequent illnesses. Severe meningitis and scarlet fever, which Jean had had in childhood, contributed to her poor health. On June 7, 1937 the Hollywood star died in hospital of kidney failure, caused by influenza complications. Her early death at the age of 26 came as a shock not only to Hollywood, but to the millions of viewers who admired her beauty and extraordinary talent. William Powell paid all funeral expenses for his sweetheart. On her tombstone he wrote, "Our baby.”

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