The press has repeatedly covered the scandals related to Jackie Chan's children. First, his son got into a bad drug story, and then his daughter did a coming out and started living with her girlfriend. If there are children, then there is a wife, and maybe more than one. With his only lawful wife the actor has lived for 40 years. She has always remained in the shadow of her famous husband, who turned out to be not all peaches and cream.

Jackie Chan and Joan Lin. Source: bigpicture

The actor’s wife is named Joan Lin. They met in 1982, when Jackie was already a famous actor. Lin dropped at her friend’s place, who was the editor of a popular magazine, and met the young star. Chan was said to have fallen in love with the girl at first sight. After chatting for a while the star realized that Lin was his destiny.

Joan Lin. Source: bigpicture

In 1983, Chan and Lin had a secret wedding. The actor did not want his female fans to know that he was married, as it could have damaged his image. Lin didn't care. She was so in love with Chan that she agreed to a secret marriage without doubt. In 1984, their son Jaycee Chan was born.

Jackie Chan with his family. Source: bigpicture

Despite becoming a father, the actor continued to conceal carefully his marital status. For all his fans he remained an eligible bachelor. Therefore, Jackie did not avoid women. He was often spotted with pretty ladies, but in fact his heart belonged only to his wife.

Jackie Chan and Joan Lin. Source: bigpicture

But in 1999 the unpleasant truth came out. While filming "Gorgeous" Jackie Chan had an extra-marital affair with the actress Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, who gave birth to their daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam. The unsavory story was broadly covered by tabloids. Although the actor strongly denied the relationship, Lin did not believe him.

Elaine Ng Yi-Lei and her daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam. Source: bigpicture

Lin forgave having been cheated, but asked her husband to be honest with everyone and to admit his paternity. Jackie Chan did as his wife said. But soon the family began to quarrel over money. The actor decided to give a considerable amount of money to charity, which was objected by his son.

Jackie Chan, Joan Lin, and their son Jaycee Chan. Source: bigpicture

Later the young man was detained by the police for possession of illegal substances. His father refused to help him. In interviews with the press, Jackie Chan said that Jaycee knew what he was doing and that it would be a good lesson for him. Fortunately, the incident did not break off their relationship and they were able to find common ground. Jackie and Lin also haven’t broken up, and the couple still happily lives together.

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