Have you ever wondered whether one needs saving on everything to become rich, or on the contrary, his/her generosity returns a hundredfold? The answer to this question varies in each case. However, one billionaire was stingy even when his grandson was in mortal danger.

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Jean Paul Getty was considered one of the richest men on the planet in the mid-20th century, that was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Having taken over the family business, he managed to multiply his fortune. Despite being born into a family of a pioneer oilman George Getty, Jean Paul was raised in strictness. His parents unwillingly gave money to their son, so Jean had to rely only on himself.

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Jean Paul Getty showed exactly the same coldness and distrust towards his children and grandchildren. He had five marriages, in which five sons were born. The billionaire did not even come to the funeral of one of them due to his business affairs. Moreover, he refused to pay the ransom to the kidnappers, who had abducted one of his 14 grandchildren, until they took violent action. The rich man also sued his youngest son, who demanded financial support for himself and his stepbrothers.

Source: All the Money in the World / TriStar Pictures

None of his relatives had ever visited his enormous Sutton Place, a 72-room mansion in Britain. Getty lived there surrounded by strangers with no claim to his finances. Over the years his parsimony took on appalling proportions: he saved on stationery, socks, laundry, heating, taxes, telephones, and entertainment.

Source: All the Money in the World / TriStar Pictures

The climax of the story came when the oil magnate's will was made public. Jean’s billions were left to a museum in Malibu, while his closest people and loyal servants received insultingly small bequests. The richest and greediest man in the world died alone at the age of 83.

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