In 2008, the whole world learned who Thomas Beatie was. Sure enough he was the first man in the world to give birth to a child. At least that's what was said at the time. A lot of time has passed, and people began to wonder how Thomas lives now.

Tracy Lagondino was born in 1974 in Honolulu. Although Tracy participated in beauty pageants, she began to identify herself with the male gender at the age of 10.

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When Tracy turned 23, she/he started receiving hormonal therapy. In 2002 Thomas had gender reassignment surgery. However, his female reproductive organs remained intact. Time has shown that it was the right decision.

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In 2003, Thomas married a girl named Nancy. By then, he was legally a man. All Thomas's documents including his birth certificate, driver's license, ID card, and others showed that he was a man. So his and Nancy's marriage was registered as a normal heterosexual marriage.

Nancy already had children from her first marriage. But Thomas wanted children too. His wife could not get pregnant again. So the man decided to deliver a child himself. Fortunately, his body had everything he needed.

Beatie gave birth to a baby girl. He didn't even have to undergo a C-section. A year later, Thomas gave birth to another child, and a year later to his third baby.

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By the way, in 2012 Thomas finally got rid of his female reproductive organs. At the same time, he broke up with his wife Nancy. After court proceedings, the children were left with Thomas. And in 2016, he remarried. Our hero's new partner is called Amber.

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Today, the man lives with his family in Phoenix. He has written a book about his amazing story. Thomas spends a lot of time with his children and also tries to explain to people that there is nothing wrong with him. Thomas Beatie is happy and has achieved this by his own effort.

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