At her seventy-six years of age, the singer Cher is a match for anyone. Looking at her performances, you can hardly believe that this energetic, slender woman has already crossed the seventy-year mark. Of course, she did not do without plastic surgery, but the singer focuses on various care procedures. The dermatocosmetologists, experts in the field of thread lifting, told about what these procedures are.

Glowing skin suggests that there are injectable procedures such as: plasmolifting, mesotherapy and biorevitalization. During the procedure different compositions saturated with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and in the case of plasmolifting - our own platelet-enriched plasma are injected into the dermis, which activates the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin more dense, smooth and moisturized.

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The tightened facial oval of the singer suggests that she regularly attends hardware treatments, such as the Altera-therapy, which is popular in Hollywood. When ultrasound is used to work through the muscular-aponeurotic layer, the result is a clear facial oval and smooth skin.

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A beautifully shaped youthful angle and high cheekbones show that Cher used contouring with fillers, a technique that allows for additional volume in areas where volume is lost with age, using hyaluronic acid of varying viscosity. Such procedures correct the facial oval and eliminate age-related ptosis.

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And, of course, botulinum toxin injections are a must. Judging by the photos of the singer, she regularly resorts to them, as there are no creases on the forehead and fine wrinkles in the corners of the eyes. You have to hand it to Cher, in such an advanced age, she looks young and quite natural.

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Of course, the secrets of youth exist! But it is necessary to act on all fronts. Everything affects the appearance: lifestyle, mood, and happiness in the eyes. Of course, nature takes its course, and some age-related changes are waiting for everyone. The main thing is to think about what to do about it in time.


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