The tragic death of Princess Diana is still something many people can't forget even decades later. Diana was not only a royal but also an outstanding humanist, activist, and orator. She showed the world what compassion, grace, and humility looked like. Although we love Meghan and Kate, there will still never be a second Lady Di.

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Since everyone loves Diana, it's hard to find a person to say a single harsh word about her. Recently, however, her son, Prince William, made some pretty outspoken remarks about his mother.

In the documentary "Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy," Prince William speculated about his amazing mother and supposed that she would have been a "nightmare" as a grandma. William's fans need not worry, as he said this with a smile on his face.

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"She would have loved children madly, but it would have been an absolute nightmare for us," Prince William explains in the documentary. "She would have been the grandmother who suddenly showed up at an inappropriate moment like when parents were trying to bathe their children."

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Prince also adds that he honors his mother's memory by telling his children stories about who she was and how she influenced the world. "It's important that they not only know that she once lived ... but what kind of person she was," the prince says, adding that he constantly tells stories about his mother to little George and Charlotte.

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It's sad to think that Diana can't see her sons raising the next generation of royalty. Nevertheless, it's nice to know that William and Harry are honoring her memory.

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