Brooke Shields was born into a family of an actress and a businessman. And since childhood, she was in the spotlight - she got her first role (at the initiative of her mother Teri Shields) at 11 months, starring in a soap commercial.

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From that moment Teri became a baby manager. Brooke recalled her childhood as follows: "I was not shocked by the lack of privacy. It was my reality." And 11 years later, she played one of her first roles in the movie "Pretty Baby."

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After the success of this film, she was invited to many projects. However, world fame Brooke brought the main role in the film "Blue Lagoon".

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After that, the 15-year-old girl began to be called "the most beautiful child", every brand dreamed of making her the face of their advertising company.

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So, she starred for Calvin Klein - the photo shoot was immediately recognized as one of the most scandalous. Now the age of Brooke Shields is approaching 60, but she managed to keep the beauty and charm. By the way, the actress often shares pictures from the past in social networks.

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