Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein has been called 'Catwoman' and 'the Bride of Wildenstein' for her extensive facial surgeries. Once a pretty young woman, she started transforming her appearance to please her husband, a rich man, and then couldn't stop. Jocelyn is now 81 years old, but she continues to reshape her face and body, never giving up hope of achieving some unknown ideal...

Jocelyn Périsset was born in Switzerland on September 7, 1940. Beautiful, intelligent, and charming girl firmly set out to live an interesting life. She had love affairs with rich businessmen, was a skilled hunter, and even piloted planes. Her marriage to tycoon Alec Wildenstein seemed a great match. Jocelyn settled with him on their African ranch 'Ol Jogi', where their two children were born. It seemed that there would always be mutual understanding and happiness in their family. 

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But the rich husband wanted something else. From the mid-80s he was seen more often in the company of other ladies than with his family. Jocelyn decided to find an unconventional way to cope with the situation. The woman began to change her appearance to... to look like a lioness, since Alec adored lions. At first Mr. Wildenstein was intrigued by this unexpected turn and encouraged his wife's surgeries.

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However, the marriage was not saved anyway. In 1999, after a high-profile scandal involving a young Russian model the Wildensteins divorced. Jocelyn became the owner of a huge (2.5 billion dollars!) fortune and annual alimony payments, which the court forbade her to spend on plastic surgery.

But 'Catwoman' could no longer stop. She had gone too far from her natural appearance.

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For the last 10 years 'the Bride of Wildenstein' has not pampered her fans with frequent visits of social events. Jocelyn last appeared in public in the spring of 2020.

And here is the real sensation. In July 2022, Catwoman made a triumphant appearance at the Balenciaga show, wearing an incredible outfit and... with a whole new face and body.

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Look at that!

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Only a few hours after the show, the truth was revealed. Wildenstein had arranged for her to be... presented by the famous British blogger and makeup artist Joseph Rentz, better known as Alexis Stone. That's why Jocelyn's face looked so unnatural. Well, I mean, even more unnatural than usual. Stone used plastic makeup, a wig and overlays to shape her figure.

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