The happy marriage of the 38th governor of California finally broke up. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's divorce was being buzzed about by fans for the decade the divorce proceedings lasted.

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The couple seemed to be the perfect embodiment of the American dream.

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Now Schwarzenegger has everything a man would want: beautiful and clever children, successful career, wealth, worldwide recognition let alone the fact that he still remains a favorite actor of millions of people around the world.

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As for Maria Shriver, not everything is as good as it could be. Just the other day, the ex-wife of the governor of California was captured by the ubiquitous paparazzi while walking in Los Angeles. The public was shocked, which is quite understandable.

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Now Maria is 66 years old and by modern standards is still in her golden age. However, she looks so strange, in fact, that some Twitter users have put forward witty comparisons.

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According to them Maria resembles a Klingon, a humanoid warrior from the TV series 'Star Trek', who had a peculiar upper part of the face.

"Why does she look like a Klingon?" one user asks. Another assures that Shriver looks like John Travolta as the alien in "Battlefield Earth." The third compares the woman to a lizard and suggests that she and Sylvester Stallone have the same plastic surgeon, who evidently is not a gifted professional.

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Previous photos of Maria Shriver showed a pretty a woman who looks her age.

Although the general aging of the skin and typical age changes were obvious, Maria looked natural and remained a beauty. Now we can see the results of an undoubtedly unsuccessful surgical intervention, during which 'something went wrong.'

At the same time, Maria Shriver stays fit and has a very feminine figure, but her face adds a dozen years to her age. And this is how she looked before the plastic surgery:

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It's worth noting that after long divorce proceedings, Maria received nearly half of Schwarzenegger's entire fortune, including his retirement savings. So she can do a new series of beauty treatments if she wants to.

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