This girl's life revolves around her rapid weight gain and subsequent booty augmentation surgeries. And she is not at all scared by the fact that the Brazilian butt lift is considered one of the most dangerous plastic surgeries!

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Some people dream of fame, money, or big love, but Natasha Crown from Sweden is obsessed with only one thing, that is to make her butt bigger than it was yesterday.

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Natasha Crown, 29, is a Serbian-Swedish blogger and model. For the past few years, she has been doing everything she can to officially become the owner of the world's biggest butt. Her Instagram account has two million followers who watch closely any changes of her huge booty.

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Natasha has already undergone five Brazilian butt lifts and is planning to do the sixth one to make her buttocks even larger. To make it possible, the woman sticks to a high-calorie diet and literally lives on pizza, burgers, and soft drinks. After Crown gains the necessary amount of pounds, she goes to a surgeon, who takes the fat from various parts of her body and puts it with the buttocks.

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The Internet star is not afraid of the negative consequences of Brazilian butt lift, the estimated death rate for which is 1 in 3000, according to In addition, Natasha seems to be content with aesthetic results of her surgeries, although the public is not too enthusiastic about them.

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By the way, over the past 7 years Natasha Crown has been single. Natasha says: "My last relationship was seven years ago. I am pretty extreme, so I think people are afraid of me."

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Natasha before her surgeries. Source: dailymail

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However, the model does not consider this a problem. The most important  thing is that she pursues her dream!

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