Arnold Schwarzenegger, 75, visited the Auschwitz Museum in Poland. There was an incident that really upset Schwarzenegger's fans.

After the celebrity left, the administration of the institution shared a photo of Schwarzenegger’s signature in the guestbook. The actor left on its page the legendary catchphrase "I'll be back."

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The quote from The Terminator drew criticism from social media users, who considered it to be "tacky" and "flippant." One user wrote, "Not sure the tone of that was entirely suitable."

Later the museum explained the meaning of Schwarzenegger’s signature on Twitter: "This visit was planned to be relatively short. The inscription was meant to be a promise to return for another and more in-depth visit."

Source: Twitter

The Auschwitz Memorial also reported that Schwarzenegger visited the site to "honor all the victims of the camp and to deepen his knowledge of history, which would help him fight against prejudices these days."

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Earlier this year, Schwarzenegger received the inaugural Award for Fighting Hatred from the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation. The actor said he was "a witness to the ruins of a country destroyed by the Nazis."

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"I saw firsthand how this hatred spun out of control and I share these painful memories with the world in the hopes of preventing future tragedies and educating soldiers about personal responsibility. I stand with the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation and their mission of education to ensure NEVER AGAIN."

Source: Twitter

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