Today even the people who have never been interested in fashion are familiar with the name of Diane von Furstenberg. That's because this woman is not only a famous fashion designer, but also a charismatic personality with an incredible life.

Diane von Furstenberg (née Halfin) was born on 1 December 1946 to a wealthy Jewish family in Brussels.

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When Diane von Furstenberg was 13 her parents divorced. Diane studied at prestigious boarding schools in Switzerland, Spain, and Great Britain. 

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Soon after Diane turned 18, she moved with her mother to Geneva. There she studied economics at the University of Geneva and met her first husband, Prince Egon von Furstenberg.

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First Diane didn't like the man, but over time they fell in love. While studying at the university the young socialite tried to find out what she could do in her life. She worked as an assistant to fashion photographer's agent Albert Koski, and later became an apprentice to the textile manufacturer Angelo Ferretti. It was there that Diane realized that she wanted to become a fashion designer. However, she had to abandon her plans due to her unexpected pregnancy.

Diane became a mother twice. The couple welcomed their son Alexander and daughter Tatiana. Although their marriage didn't last long, the couple split after 3 years living together, Diane always described her ex-spouse as "incredibly smart, talented, rich, and outgoing." She has continued to use his family name till today.

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In those years, Diane became well aware of how important it was for a woman to have a job. The ambitious woman couldn't be content with being just the wife of a famous husband. Then she decided to fulfill her lifelong dream and make a career of a fashion designer.

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One day on seeing Julie Nixon Eisenhower on TV wearing a skirt and top with an unusual neckline, Furstenberg thought, "Why not combine these elements of clothing?" And that's how the iconic wrap dress was created, which brought the worldwide fame to the aspiring designer.

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The iconic wrap dress. Source: bigpicture

The iconic wrap dress became immediately popular among women of different figure, height, and age. Furstenberg was able to sell about 5 million of these dresses in 2 years, making a transition from an unknown designer to a successful businesswoman.

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Soon Diane von Furstenberg Company's revenue was a whopping $150 million per year, and its founder was dubbed the best-selling woman in the world.

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