When one looks at the happy faces of 73-year-old Richard Gere and his 38-year-old wife, he/she realizes that this couple is very special. They've been made for each other.

Although Richard Gere, who starred in many films, including Hachi: A Dog's Tale, Pretty Woman, Chicago and others, is a famous sex symbol and a heartthrob, his only true love is his wife Alejandra Silva.

Richard Gere is outspoken about his happiness because it just overwhelms him. At the 2019 Golden Globe Awards ceremony, he took the stage and said only three words. They were addressed to his wife: "I love you."

Richard Gere. Source: wikimedia

So how did this love story begin?

As Richard Gere said in one interview, "It all started very simply. We were introduced to each other by a friend. Alejandra said to me, 'Hi!' And that was it. I felt as if my world fell apart. We looked at each other and at first sight we knew that we would be together forever. I had never felt such an attraction in my life. We couldn't take our eyes off each other. We looked and looked into each other's eyes all night long..."

Soon Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva tied the knot. They were married in a simple ceremony in the Buddhist tradition on Gere's Indian ranch in April, 2018. "Since then, we have loved each other even more," Alejandra says.

Richard Gere. Source: wikimedia

The couple dreamed of having a baby boy. Richard Gere even turned down several interesting roles in order to be near his wife while she was expecting their first baby. The couple spent a lot of time together and even visited the Dalai Lama. The expectant mother posted a photo on social networks, that shows her being blessed by the spiritual guru.

Expectant Alejandra is blessed by the Dalai Lama. Source: social media

Richard Gere was 69 years old and his wife was 35 when their first son was born in New York. In April 2020, the couple welcomed their second son.

So how do they manage to keep their love alive?

The couple willingly share the secret of their happiness. The most important thing is to do something every day that makes your partner feel really happy. For example, every day Richard makes sure to tell his wife how much he loves her.

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