Bill Gates, 66, and Melinda, 58, got married in 1994 and spent 27 years together before they announced their divorce in May 2021.

"I had some reasons I just couldn’t stay in that marriage anymore," Melinda explained. She also added that the situation was "unbelievably painful, in innumerable ways."

The couple was married for 27 years. Source: dailymail

Melinda Gates revealed that the Covid-19 pandemic gave her privacy so she could get through the painful divorce and "do what she needed to do." Although the couple split up, they still co-chair the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Source: dailymail

"I kept working with the person I was moving away from, and I needed to show up and be my best self every single day," she confessed.

Source: dailymail

Gates said she cried in the mornings several times before virtual meetings with her ex-husband and their foundation colleagues, but added that the foundation motivated her to be her best self.

Source: dailymail

During her divorce, Gates said, that protecting her children was her main concern. The couple has three children, Jennifer, 25, Rory, 23, and Phoebe, 19, each of whom will inherit $10 million.

Bill and Melinda with their children Jennifer, 25, Rory, 23, and Phoebe, 19. Source: dailymail

Melinda gave her first interview about the divorce last March. At the time, she said that there was no specific reason that led to the divorce. According to the woman, she simply "realized it was an unhealthy relationship" and she "couldn't trust what was going on."

Source: dailymail

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When the couple's divorce became public, the press was just coming out with Bill's relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, as well as Bill's own sexual relationships with subordinates when he was Microsoft CEO.

Source: dailymail

Bill Gates' fortune in 2022 is estimated at $103.1 billion, while Melinda Gates' only at $6.2 billion. Gates has recently announced that he would give his fortune to charity.

The Gates. Source: dailymail

After her divorce, Melinda received about $5.5 billion worth of stocks and securities from her former spouse. Melinda is now also involved in her investment organization, Pivotal Ventures, which aims to improve the lives and career opportunities of women in the United States.

Bill and Melinda at their wedding. Source: dailymail

Source: dailymail

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