Ex-model Carol Bryan, now 58, had to go through a difficult ordeal. She has been left blind in one eye, and her face was severely distorted. Subsequently, the woman launched a vigorous campaign to inform people of side effects of cosmetic procedures.

Carol Bryan before her numerous cosmetic surgeries. Source: pulse

When Bryan turned 30, she started getting Botox to smooth out fine facial wrinkles. She was quite happy with the results.

Source: pulse

In 2009 Carol, then 47, was advised by a dermatologist to inject a dermal filler in her forehead to make it look younger and plumper. Almost immediately the woman's face started swelling and bruising, but the doctor called it a side effect.

Source: pulse

Three months passed, and... the woman was horrified at her own appearance. First, she had a tumor removed from her forehead, then she her optic nerve failed. Eventually, Carol Bryan has been left blind in one eye.

Carol Bryan has been left blind in one eye after her botched filler. Source: pulse

Within months, Carol's features became so swollen and deformed that she not only had to hide from friends and relatives, but also no longer looked in the mirror. As it turned out later, the doctor had made a mistake by mixing incompatible fillers, one of which contained silicone.

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The woman's face was so disfigured that her forehead folds were falling over her eyes restricting her vision.

The woman spent three years trapped in her room. She even felt suicidal, but her relatives persuaded her to seek treatment. Her family even had to move to Los Angeles.

Source: pulse

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The woman had been treated for about 4 years, before she became at least a little bit like her old self.

Source: pulse

This is how the pursuit of non-existent eternal youth ends.

Source: pulse

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