The iconic series "Santa Barbara," released 38 years ago, have been popular among several generations.

Marcy Walker

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The role of Eden was one of the most important in Marcy Walker's career. She is now happily married to her fifth husband. The actress has gone into the Church and serves as a pastor and a teacher at a local church. Now Walker leads a quiet life and prefers to avoid media attention.

Lane Davies

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This actor was not featured in all episodes of the soap opera Santa Barbara. Davis does not like to comment on his role in the TV series. Now he is committed to the theater where he acts, teaches, and directs.

Robin Wright

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Unlike other cast of the soap opera the actress has become a movie star. She has an extensive filmography that includes many famous roles. Now Wright looks great that is due to sticking to a healthy diet and regular workouts.

Nancy Lee Grahn

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Actress Nancy Lee Grahn has also managed to make a successful career in the movie industry. Now she is mostly engaged in charity work. Moreover, Nancy also worked as an anchor, but it wasn't as successful as her acting.

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Nicholas Coster

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Altough Nicholas Coster is no longer a young boy, he continues starring in movies. Now Coster lives a happy life with his second wife Yelena.

Years take their toll on everybody and the actors of the iconic series "Santa Barbara" are no longer young. However, their characters will be loved and admired for a long time.

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