In 1987 the Mexican telenovela Rosa salvaje (English title: Wild Rose) premiered and ran for 199 episodes until 1988. It was a huge success and became incredibly popular all over the world. Its protagonist was played by the beautiful Veronica Castro. The audience admired her a magnificent curly hair and beautiful blue eyes. How does the actress look now when she is 69 years old?

Plastic surgery has greatly changed the actress' features. Source: pulse

Not being a fan of natural aging, Veronica Castro tries her best to preserve her youth. She has recently been extremely fond of plastic surgery, and now her appearance has little resemblance to her old self. The actress has had several plastic surgeries and facelifts. Moreover, she spends a lot of time in gym to stay fit. Castro loves wearing bright outfits as if trying to make up for poverty she lived in as a child. According to Castro, she was forced to wear old and ridiculous clothes, and classmates laughed at her weight. Now Veronica is proud of her figure and is not shy to wear any outfit.

Source: pulse

As for changes in her appearance, in a recent interview the actress said that she likes her age, her gray hair, and wrinkles. Nevertheless, she only posts filtered photos on social media. Fans no longer recognize the former Wild Rose. However, in Latin America the actress is still very popular. She is a famous TV presenter, singer, and producer, as well as the owner of beauty salons and stores.

The actress only posts photos with filters. Source: pulse

Source: pulse

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