After Tori Spelling, 49, was spotted in one of LA restaurants with her mom Candy Spelling and her brother Randy Spelling earlier this month, the media started buzzing that the Beverly Hills, 90210 star finally reconciled with her family.

Tori Spelling with her mom Candy and brother Randy. Source: dailymail

According to Tori, life is too short to be at odds with your mom. "It's so important and I feel like life is too short and we forget that," Spelling said.

"I think because life keeps going and so you say to yourself, 'I gotta make plans with this person, I gotta make an effort,' and then you don't because your life keeps going," she added.

Tori opens up at Good Morning America. Source: dailymail

It is well known that there has been a lot of disagreement between Tori and her family since her father Aaron Spelling, a prominent American film and television producer, passed away in 2006. Tori's mom, Candy Spelling, inherited all his fortune including the magnificent Spelling Manor, a 123-room mansion on Mapleton Drive in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the late legendary TV executive left Tori with an $800,000 inheritance out of his estimated $500 million fortune. Of course, Tori was disappointed with such a decision and developed a grudge against her mom. That's how their feud started.

Tori with her mom. Source: dailymail

According to Candy, there were times when she and Tori weren’t speaking at all and she barely had a relationship with her grandchildren.

But now their relationship seems to have been finally patched up. The family reunited to celebrate Candy's birthday.

Source: dailymail

"This was a special moment in time. I don't think the 3 of us, just the 3 of us, have gone out to dinner together in 20 years," wrote Beverly Hills star on her Instagram.

Tori wrote a touching post on Instagram. Source: dailymail

"It was so special. It was my mom’s birthday and my brother lives in Portland, and he has not come to L.A. since pre-COVID. He hasn't flown, so he surprised her. She had no idea he was coming," Tori added.

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Source: dailymail

At the same the blonde noted that their feud wasn't the reason for not being seen together for so many years, but it was their busy family life.

"My brother is married with two kids, I have five kids. So, it's always family stuff. But just the three of us, like, adult time," the blonde admitted.

Tori got a worldwide fame due to her role of Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210 that started in 1990. Source: dailymail

Source: dailymail

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