On October 3, the America's most beautiful woman from all fifty states was chosen at the 71st Miss USA pageant. Its winner R'Bonney Gabriel, the titleholder of Miss Texas, has done down in history twice.

R'Bonney Gabriel, 28, is the daughter of a Filipino and an American. She was the first Asian-American woman to win the Miss Texas title, and the first Filipino-American woman to win Miss USA pageant.

The girl has a truly unique beauty. She has fair skin like her mother, a beautiful oval face, a small chin, a neat nose, blonde hair, and only in her eyes you can see her father's Asian roots.

Source: Instagram

On her Instagram account, Miss USA 2022 shared her pictures without makeup. One of the shots she took after a visit to her dermatologist, who gives her facials and various treatments to keep her skin toned and healthy. And the results are impressive.

R'Bonney Gabriel boasts a perfectly even complexion, clear skin without blemishes, redness, or wrinkles. In general, you can't give this girl more than 22 years old.

Source: today

"Your skin looks great", "So beautiful", "Beautiful", "Natural beauty", "You look as gorgeous as ever", "Pretty", "Absolutely gorgeous", "You look amazing," Gabriel's followers admired her natural beauty.

Source: today

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