Sharon Stone, who is known as one of the most popular sex symbols of the '90s, shared her difficult memories of the disease that struck her in 2001. The ordeal change the star's life dramatically.

Stone was silent about her stroke for a long time. Now that the illness and rehabilitation are over, the actress can tell what happened.

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Actress Sharon Stone avoided discussing her illness with the press. But after all the challenges had been overcome, and the terrible disease receded, the actress finally revealed its details.

It happened on September 29, 2001.

"When a blood vessel ruptured in my head, I saw a giant flash of light that started sucking me in," Stone revealed. "It was like I flew out of my body and started seeing deceased friends and other people who were very kind to me when I was alive. I was somewhere in the middle between the two worlds. Suddenly, something happened, boom, and I was back in my body."

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According to the actress, she felt ill for three days before she decided to seek medical help. The doctors' verdict was harsh. Stone had a stroke and only 5% hope for a favorable outcome. Soon the actress lost consciousness.

"When I came around, I asked the doctor, 'Am I going to die?' And he said, 'You're bleeding in your brain,' Stone recounted. I said, 'I have to call my mom.' And he said, 'You're right. You may soon lose the ability to speak.' My mother flew in from Pennsylvania so fast she got off the plane right in the shorts she was digging in the garden. It took two years for my body to recover from the stroke."

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"And then it affected my speech, my hearing, my gait, my ability to read and write. I had to learn everything from the beginning. My whole life was destroyed," the actress said.

Sharon was deprived of the opportunity to do what she loves. Producers were concerned about the health of the star, and believed that she had lost all her skills.

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"It was a very hard time, I was out of work," Sharon confesses. "I wasn't getting any roles, and producers thought I had lost all my skills. My whole life was going down the drain."

Sharon did not share her misfortune with colleagues, believing that no one was interested in the sick. Attempts to return to the profession remained mere attempts.

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"I'm sure it might have seemed a little strange all these years, but I didn't want to reveal what was going on because, you know, Hollywood doesn't forgive that," she explained. "I'm happy that I was able to recover and get back into the profession."

Since her recovery, Stone has starred in seventeen movies. We believe, the best roles of this remarkable actress and strong woman will be never forgotten.

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Three kids and a dog

Sharon Stone has to work a lot on herself in order to be energetic, look attractive, and stay fit. After all, except for her stroke, the actress also suffers from diabetes and asthma. On learning about these aspects of the actress's life, one can't help admiring her optimism, positivity, energy, and stamina!

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Sharon is raising three adopted sons, she has a cat and a dog. In 1998–2004, Stone was married to Phil Bronstein, vice president and editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. After their marriage, the couple adopted a boy, Roan, now 17.

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After her divorce, Sharon adopted two boys, Laird Vonne Stone, 12, and Quinn Kelly Stone, 11.

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