It's been twelve years since Susan Boyle, now 61, sang I Dreamed a Dream on Britain's Got Talent and dazzled everyone with her beautiful voice. After that performance her life's changed dramatically and she's become world famous. Today her YouTube performance has been watched by hundreds of millions people worldwide.

Although Susan never won the show, after participating in it, the singer performed on stages all over the world and earned a considerable fortune. At the same time, the woman remained down to earth. During her musical career she's managed to earn $25 million, but she never wasted money.

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Although Boyle's income allowed her to live a comfortable life, it also brought her problems. The money was the cause of her quarrel with her brother Gary. Susan and Gary didn't speak for two years after the rumors emerged that he had threatened to take his own life if she didn't give him $53,000.

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The singer's allegedly given her brother as much as $450,000 over the years, but he was upset that she did not break off with the family members who spread the rumors. The brother and sister reconciled in 2016 and have remained on good terms ever since.

Susan still lives in her hometown of Blackburn, UK. One day she tried to move into the luxurious villa she had bought. However, she had difficulty adjusting to the new environment, so she quickly returned to her hometown.

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Although Boyle has stayed true to her roots, her appearance has changed drastically since appearing on the show. Today she has a much more elegant style than she had 12 years ago. She's also had Botox and lost a lot of weight, which has helped her fight diabetes.

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Susan first opened up about her personal life after she met a doctor in a hotel during her tour. As the singer admitted, they went out to lunch several times. However, the woman said that she wanted nothing more than a platonic relationship, as she had been single for too long to get married.

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