Bloggers used artificial neural networks to show what the Kardashian sisters would look like without any cosmetic procedures. By the way, their success is partly due to the changes in their appearance. Artificial intelligence analyzed the data and showed new pictures of how Kim Kardashian and her sisters would really look if they had not had any surgical enhancements.

Kylie's video was processed by Deep Face Lab software. Her face proportions were refined to match her current appearance. Furthermore, the authors of the experiment smoothed out the imperfections in Adobe After Effects.

Source: @vandahoodlive

Another artificial intelligence network called Ebsynt was used for Kourtney.

Source: @vandahoodlive

Khloe is shown without her nose job.

Source: @vandahoodlive

Kim changed the least of all. Although the oval of her face without plastic surgery is slightly different as well as the shape of her nose, all in all, the celebrity's appearance is quite recognizable.

Source: @vandahoodlive

However, in dynamics, the changes in the famous sisters' appearance are more obvious:


Which Kardashian or Jenner do you think had the biggest transformation? @Rugged snake #kardashians #kyliejenner #plasticsurgery #vandahoodlive #ai

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To be fair, none of the Kardashian sisters have denied having plastic surgery. All four of them think it's absolutely normal.

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