Male models are subject to the same strict criteria as girls. They must also have ideal height and weight, and God forbid if guys gain an extra pound. However, times are changing and nowadays there is a great demand for uniqueness. This has allowed people with unconventional appearance to succeed in the modeling business. The top male models featured below have been able to take advantage of their unique look. In their childhood, as it usually happens, they were badly bullied by their peers for standing out. But it didn't break their spirit. On the contrary, it has made their will stronger and motivated them to succeed.


Chuck Junior Achike, a model

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Chuck's striking appearance is a result of his British-Nigerian descent. He's gained his popularity in the modeling world after working with the Calvin Klein brand.


Sanele Xaba, a model

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Moostapha Saidi, a model

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Karim Mousseau, a model

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Karim is a guy with a very unusual appearance. His delicate facial features make him incredibly feminine and sophisticated. That's why Mousseau is so popular among fashion brands, which virtually shower the guy with lucrative offers.


Ralph Souffrant, a model

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Zhengyang Zhang, a model

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Bera Ivanishvili, a model and singer

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Alessandro Manfredini, a model

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Manfredini is slightly over 50, but he is one of the most famous Italian male models. He has been involved in numerous advertising campaigns and photo shoots. The man has been able to create an exciting, brutal image, the highlight of which is his impeccably cut thick beard.


Michael Lockley, a model

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Roan Loach, a model

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Samuel Friberg, a blogger

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Stas Mileyev, a blogger and model

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Stas' doll-like face has drawn attention of numerous modeling agencies. The guy is often invited to fashion shows and photo shoots.


Kaine Buffonge, a model

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Christiano, an actor

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Source: nubenews

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