These days, porous hair has fallen out of favor. Now that 'glass hair' is in fashion, it's carefully straightened and a lot of different styling products are applied to achieve trendy smoothness. But without all of these tricks, such type of hair goes back to its natural state. This happens not only to ordinary people, but also to celebrities. Indeed, among the latter there are numerous owners of frizzy hair.

Mila Kunis

The pretty actress usually appears in public with shiny smooth hair. In everyday life, her hair is a little frizzy without styling and has an obvious porous structure.


Kristen Stewart

The actress's hair looks a bit dry since it must have been affected by frequent dyeing.


Kate Moss

The model's hair is not too thick and also clearly shows signs of traumatic bleaching.


Pamela Anderson

Without styling, the blonde's hair is frizzy and rather messy. But she still looks gorgeous.


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Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel's hair is not bad, but you can see that constant styling and dyeing hasn't affected it in the best way.


Britney Spears

Another beautiful blonde, who pretty much ruined her locks with bleaching and bad habits. Stresses and alcohol addiction are the factors, which have strongly affected her hair structure.


Katie Holmes

The actress has naturally thin hair. Once she neglects her hair care a little bit, it begins to tangle that results in a messy look.


Amanda Seyfried

The actress is known for her long hair which she has never parted with. Such long hair requires special care, especially if it is prone to frizz.



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