The star family seems to be in trouble. According to insiders, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who are raising their son Archie and daughter Lilibeth Diana, live in separate homes.

Meghan and Harry with their son Archie. Source:

The details of the poor relationship between the former actress and Elizabeth II's grandson have been revealed by the royal expert Lady Colin Campbell.

"Harry and Meghan are having big problems. They've hired lawyers because their relationship is getting worse than we think. And I've verified this information by talking to more than one person. The spouses have reached a divorce agreement, but they pretend to be still together. According to what I've heard, Harry has pushed Meghan into it. He's figured out what type of person she is," Campbell opens up on her YouTube channel.

Meghan Markle. Source:

Web users rejoice at such news. "Thank you, Harry, for exposing the most disgusting woman ever seen. Even if you divorce her, we'll have to put up with her bragging about her 'title.' What has made you ignore everyone who shouted warnings at you? You've done this to all of us, and it's horrible!"; "The more Meghan Markle opens her mouth, the more attention she draws to her lies," the public laments.

Meghan and Harry have been married for four years. Source:

So far, neither Meghan nor Harry have commented on this information. It is known that the spouses still appear together at various events. Thus, Markle supported her beloved during the funeral of Elizabeth II.

Moreover, there have been rumors about the difficult relations of the brunette with the Prince's family for a long time. It was even said that due to this the couple decided to leave the UK almost three years ago and moved to the United States, where they still live.

Harry feared his wife would follow the sad fate of his mother, Princess Diana, so he supported Markle's choice.

"In 2019, I became the main object of bullying all over the world. Even when I was on maternity leave and hardly ever appeared in public, I was just showered with negativity. It has almost been impossible to get over it," the former actress shared, noting that meditation helped her cope with difficult moments.

Lady Colin Campbell. Source: YouTube screenshot


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