Kim Cattrall remains one of the most famous actresses of the iconic series Sex and the City. The image of a sexy blonde, always wearing bold and fashionable outfits, is loved by millions of women.

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Although the series has long ceased to exist, and the last time Kim Cattrall appeared as Samantha Jones was in 2010, refusing to participate in the sequel, the actress is still associated with the eccentric character from the series.


The British-American star is not at all offended by this association, although she has always worked hard to prove that she is not a one-role actress. And it's true since Kim is often referred to as a good dramatic actress. Although she does not appear too frequently at social events, her every appearance creates a great sensation. Fans are looking forward to seeing the actress on the red carpet.

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Cattrall has recently been spotted at the Glamour awards, where she came in a very strange outfit. The 66-year-old Hollywood star wore a black mini dress with open shoulders, the top of which was encrusted with shiny plates. Apparently, the outfit was too tight for Kim as her breasts were literally popping out of the dress.

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The length of the dress was also unflattering, as it ended just above her knees. It accentuated the swollen legs of the actress with uneven skin.

Unfortunately, this look hardly can be called a good one. It highlighted absolutely all the flaws that the actress should have concealed.

"Kim's got so old", "What's wrong with her legs", "The worst look in her career", "This dress is from 2008 ", "Kim used to look more stylish", "Still the most beautiful and sexy", "Samantha is not the Samantha we know," internet users wrote.

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Although Kim Cattrall does not look that young (take a look at the deep wrinkles on the actress' face), she won't undergo plastic surgery. The Hollywood star took a natural approach to aging long ago.

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