Jocelyn Wildenstein is world-famous for her messy divorce from a billionaire and her numerous plastic surgeries, which she has stubbornly denied for years.

Who is Jocelyn Wildenstein?

One may be unfamiliar with this woman's name, but her appearance is well known all over the world. Although her face has visible signs of numerous plastic surgeries, Jocelyn stubbornly denies having done any cosmetic procedures.

Jocelyn was born in Switzerland in 1940, and as a teenager she began dating influential men to ensure a comfortable life. In 1978 her dream came true as the blonde married billionaire Alec Wildenstein.

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That marriage lasted 21 years and ended in a messy divorce, which for a long time was considered one of the most expensive in the world. After accusing her husband of infidelity and presenting evidence of Alec's adultery in court, Jocelyn obtained a favorable ruling. The court ordered the billionaire to pay his ex-wife $2.5 billion and for 13 years to pay another $100 million annually.

Jocelyn is rumored to have had her first plastic surgeries while still married to Wildenstein. She was believed to be afraid of her rich and influential husband's leaving her, that's why she was obsessed with keeping youthful look for as long as possible.

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After her divorce, the rich lady didn't stop there and continued modifying her appearance.

On parting with her first husband, Jocelyn had an affair with the fashion designer Lloyd Klein. Man by all means defended his beloved from public attacks and readily confirmed that she really did not have any plastic surgeries. According to him, photos of Jocelyn at the age of 16 could prove it, but the couple was not going to show them to the public.

Wildenstein and Klein broke up in 2016. Source:

Now the 82-year-old Catwoman doesn't appear in public very often. She still claims that her looks are completely natural and her narrow eyes and high cheekbones are due to her Swiss descent.

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