Let's find out what kind of relationship Princess of Wales had with Dodi Fayed, whom the press dubbed Diana's only true love.

Dodi was the son of the billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, on whose yacht in St. Tropez Diana was vacationing with her sons shortly before the fatal accident in Paris. The affair between the princess and the wealthy heir is believed to have lasted only a few months, although some insiders claim that the couple was planning to tie the knot.

However, the British writer Petronella Wyatt, is confident that this was Dodi's father's fantasy. She said that at the time Diana was still in love with her ex-husband: "I was always sure, as were the friends of the Princess and the Prince, that she still had feelings for him. I never thought she was in love with Dodi Fayed. That's absurd. She told her biographer that she had no intention of marrying him. So it's all just his father's fantasy."

Dodi Fayed, 1990. Source: marieclaire.com

This is confirmed by the testimony of the princess's friend Lady Annabel Goldsmith, which she gave in court after her death. Lady Annabel recalled asking her close friend, "You're not going to do anything stupid like an elopement or a hasty wedding, are you?" Diane replied, "I need marriage like a rash on my face." When the jury asked Goldsmith what she meant by the "rash," she said it meant getting married to Dodi. "She may have had a wonderful time with him, but I think that her comment about needing marriage not more than a rash meant that she [the relationship with Dodi] was not serious."

Diana with Princes Harry and William on Fayed's yacht, St. Tropez, July 12, 1997. Source: marieclaire.com

At that point, Diana was trying to recover from a painful breakup. From 1995 to 1997, she dated a British doctor of Pakistani origin, the heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.

Hasnat Khan (left) and Princess of Wales in Pakistan (right), 1997. Source: marieclaire.com

Diana's friend also supposed that Lady Di might have started a relationship with Dodi to take her mind off her worries. "She loved [Hasnat] very much. She hoped they had a future together," Diana's friend said. "She wanted to marry him."

Nevertheless, Dodi was unaware of Diana's plans and, according to some sources, was preparing to propose. After the accident, a ring with an inscription "Dis-moi Oui" ("Say Yes") was found in Fayed's apartment. The receipt for the purchase of the "engagement ring" was dated August 30, 1997.

Innocent Victims, a copper statue of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed, which was on display at the Harrods department store in London. Source: marieclaire.com

The writer Martin Gregory claims that the heir was about to propose just on that fateful night of August 31, 1997, when the couple was killed in a car crash in Paris.

Source: marieclaire.com

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