Kim Basinger is known as a symbol of female beauty and grace. Although probably most men would be ready to move heaven and earth just to be beside her, in fact, Basinger hasn't lived a happy life.


At the beginning of Kim's career, the actress was always surrounded by men, among whom there were well-known businessmen, prominent producers, and popular directors. Basinger did not respond to their courtship, as she was in love with Ron Snyder, her makeup artist. She readily accepted Ron's proposal, and they spent together nine happy years.

Kim Basinger and Ron Snyder. Source:

However, Ron was unhappy with his wife's fame. Eventually, after years of trying to overcome himself, he filed for divorce.



Big love

After Kim's divorce, one famous Hollywood actor was seriously determined to win her heart. One day Basinger received a call from Alec Baldwin who offered her a role in the movie The Marrying Man. The script had made a strong impression on her, and she did not hesitate to accept the role.

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. Source:

Baldwin was over the moon. His first step to win Basinger's heart was success.


However, Kim would reject repeated Alec's proposals as she thought that Baldwin was insincere and was driven solely by the blaze of publicity. Basinger would not accept his numerous proposals. All of this eventually discouraged Baldwin to take part in her life. And then there was a new problem for the actress. She was charged $9 million for pulling out of the lead role in the movie Boxing Helena.

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Kim had to declare bankruptcy, soon she couldn't even pay her housekeeper, and the studio demanded a guarantee that Basinger would not get pregnant until all her debts were paid off.

When Kim Basinger found herself in this difficult situation, Alec Baldwin stepped in. He supported her, helped her, comforted her and promised to be always by her side.


Of course, she accepted his subsequent proposal. The first years of their marriage were really happy.


In 1995, they welcomed their daughter Ireland. But just five years later, the couple filed for divorce. Seven years later, they had a big fight over the custody of their daughter, which brought them both a lot of pain.


Meanwhile, Kim tries in vain to restart her career. She is horrified to realize that she has wasted the best years of her life arguing and litigating with her ex-husband. And most important thing her beauty and freshness have faded. Dreaming to regain her reputation as a femme fatale, Basinger began to visit a plastic surgeon.

However, it is hard to recognize her now, as she's had a lot of cosmetic procedures and a facelift, which made her face wide and twisted. Such an unexpected transformation has extremely surprised even her fans.

Kim (left) and her daughter Ireland Baldwin (right). Source:

Now Kim hardly ever appears in movies and prefers not to talk about her ex-husband or plastic surgery. She considers her daughter her only accomplishment in life and really hopes that one day Ireland will be able to forgive her negligent parents.


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