Elizabeth Taylor was not only a stunning actress and one of the greatest female screen legends of Classic Hollywood cinema,  but also the owner of the most "beautiful eyes." And it's not just because they really were an amazingly beautiful purple color.

The actress was born with a rather rare condition. Doctors immediately told the mother of the future Hollywood star about the genetic mutation called distichiasis. People with this hereditary condition have a double row of eyelashes: one row grows behind the other.

Taylor in a studio publicity photo in 1953. Source: wikimedia.org

Subsequently, this flaw has became the main feature of the actress, who struck everyone with her piercing and unforgettable gaze. However, the star suffered from some inconveniences due to this condition.

Elizabeth Taylor in 1955. Source: wikimedia.org

When Taylor came to the audition, the filmmakers often asked her to wash off her too bright, in their opinion, makeup. On learning that it was not a thick layer of mascara, but the celebrity's real lashes, the filmmakers were genuinely shocked, so they had no choice but to put up with this feature of the actress.

Source: kinoafisha.info

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