In June Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife and the famous Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen became a mother for the fifth time. In a candid interview, the celebrity made a confession that the late pregnancy was not easy for her. The actress had to go a long and hard journey before becoming a mother of her long-awaited daughter.

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A few days before her 55th birthday, the actress, known for her role as Red Sonja, opened up about her pregnancy. And a month later, she welcomed her daughter Frida.

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Preparing for IVF

According to the celebrity, she began preparing for her fifth child at the age of 40, immediately after she met the love of her life Mattia Dessi. The man is 15 years her junior and he is almost the same age as her oldest son Julian.

"At the beginning of our relationship, I realized that Mattia was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Soon we went to a clinic to have my eggs frozen." Nielsen dreamed of producing an heir for Dessi, but she didn't want to use donor eggs.

To the couple's disappointment, doctors said that the chances of conceiving with her own eggs were only 3–4%.

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The first IVF cycles

"It took us a long time to become parents. It's hard when you go to a procedure knowing that the chances of a successful outcome are slim to none. Every time I waited with bated breath for a phone call from the doctors. And the words "it didn't work" tore at my soul. The hardest part was waiting. Then a new attempt, another and another," Bridget remembers sadly.

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The actress admitted that this journey was extremely expensive. So she wants women to know the truth about late pregnancy attempts.

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"I learned the whole process from A to Z. Learned how to choose the right doctors. I think I could easily get a job in a IVF clinic after what I've been through. After all, my knowledge in the field of IVF is quite extensive," the celebrity says.

Feeling lonely

"I think at times you can feel lonely, because a lot of women don’t talk to each other about it. We should hold hands because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a baby whether you’re 20, you’re 30, you’re 40 or, in my case, 50," the actress shared.

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Public disapproval

Brigitte believes that the attempts to become a mother should not be limited to age, even after 50, as in her case. Of course, the actress' age shouldn't be looked down on because one cannot be too "old" for motherhood.

A well-deserved reward

June 22, after 14 years of treatment and IVF attempts Bridget welcomed her daughter Frida. The actress has no regrets and does not pay attention to any criticism.

"Mattia and I love each other and have always wanted a child. Especially since the baby was his first-born," Nielsen concluded.

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This time the actress' journey to motherhood was painful and very emotional. It took the couple 14 years to become parents, but it was worth the effort.

"What I want women to know is that everything is possible, but you have to be realistic." Nielsen thinks that the birth of her long-awaited daughter at 55 is a real miracle.


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