The legendary actor and the icon of the 80s and 90s has recently amazed his fans with his youthful appearance.

Paparazzi have recently taken a number of shots of Sylvester Stallone on LA streets. The actor was taking his purchases out of his car trunk.

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Stallone was wearing a black T-shirt, which perfectly showed his handsome figure and muscles, black shorts, socks, and black and white sneakers.

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The Hollywood actor looked youthful and was in an amazing physical shape. One cannot even say that the actor is 76, because he looks 50 at most. There are no visible wrinkles on his face, and his skin has become tighter and firmer.

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Social media users wonder if Sly has had some plastic surgery, drunk a rejuvenating potion or just shaved?

And this is how Stalonne looked at the Fox & Friends talk show in early November.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot


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