Nowadays cosmetic companies, skincare brands, and plastic surgeons have made a fortune on people's desire to stay young. But there are some individuals who don't seem to care about aging at all. Meet Joleen Diaz, a 45-year-old mom who looks as young as her daughter.

Social media users have noticed that mom and daughter look as if they were twins

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Joleen Diaz, 45, and her daughter Meilani Parks, 22, have become Internet stars after the photos of them looking like twins went viral.

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Diaz has been showered with compliments. Despite their 24-year age difference, mom and daughter are used to being taken for sisters. Joleen says that her daughter doesn't mind being compared to her mom in terms of age. She explains, "I'm often taken for her sister."

Some Internet users even think that Joleen is hiding her real age

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Joleen Diaz moved to California when she was 10 years old and used to work as a secondary school teacher. The woman hasn't been in a relationship with anyone since she broke up with her husband and Meilani's father.

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Now that Diaz has become a real star, she often receives messages from her male fans. However, some people complain about Joleen's Instagram account because they think she's hiding her real age. "My account has been deleted several times," Joleen says. "It's funny, I guess people think my account isn't real and that's why they're filing complaints."

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Mom and daughter have a very strong bond

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Mother and daughter have accounts on various dating apps. They often go on double dates and even like to discuss each other's potential partners.

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"On dates, we go bowling, go to watch movies, go camping, go to the beach," Joleen has shared in her recent interview. "Meilani often asks advice about men. I like that she trusts me. I think she knows what she wants in a relationship, and I'm glad my experience can help her."

The famous mom thinks social media users have the wrong impression of her

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Joleen's Instagram has more than 600,000 subscribers. The woman wants everyone to see her real personality behind the photos she posts. She says, "I'm quite a down-to-earth person, but people don't see that on social media."

Joleen is still looking for true love

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On social media and dating apps, the woman often receives messages from young guys, but she is not interested in such relationships. "Age is not an obstacle for me, but I do not want to date a man younger than me," Joleen admits. "I wouldn't even think of dating someone my daughter's age."

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What do you think of this unusual relationship between mother and daughter? Would you go on a double date with your child?


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