Tired of skirts, dresses and coats, today royals are wearing what a half century ago was inconceivable. Namely jeans, and not only straight, but also bold skinnies. Let's take look at the most stylish royals whose outfits would hardly be to the taste of conservative monarchs.

Jeans have long been a staple for many women. And royals have successfully proven that they are just as their subjects. While nothing is as eye-catching as a bespoke designer dress, European royalty know that the key to a flawless everyday outfit is a perfect fitting pair of jeans. Here are the most stylish royal outfits with jeans that look quite revolutionary for women from conservative families.

Catherine, Princess of Wales

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Although we are used to seeing Princess Kate in modest outfits, one of the most favorite things in her closet is jeans, in which the wife of Prince William looks gorgeous. She wears them not only to sporting events, but also to events where she might as well wear her favorite conservative coats or flowing dresses.

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Princess Diana

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Princess Diana wore denim in a way that no other royal had yet dared. She combined denim with sneakers and over-size jackets, adding a sporty bomber or trendy boots.

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Duchess Meghan

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Before joining the British royal family, jeans were one of Meghan Markle's favorite things to wear. However, despite the desire to quickly join the ranks of the royal members and attempts to look appropriate to her status, Sussex was able to wear jeans even to official events.

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Charlotte Casiraghi

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Although Grace Kelly's granddaughter rarely follows protocol, she simply does not need to because of her distance from the Monaco throne, she does not appear in jeans very often, but her every look is just stunning.

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