Becky Holt, 34, is Britain's most tattooed woman. Becky has 95% of her body covered with tattoos – there are even tattoos on her forehead and ears. Over the years she spent on tattoos a whopping $42000.

Source: Instagram

Holt admits she is not even sure how many tattoos she has on her body. The woman has names of her relatives, flowers and quotes from songs inked on her body.

Source: Instagram

Recently, Holt has decided to do an experiment and showed herself on Instagram without tattoos. The blogger covered up half of her face and body with foundation. Fans' opinions were divided.

Source: Instagram

"She looks much better without them, that's for sure", "Better with tats, without them you look as if you were naked", "With body tats, but without them on your face", "You are beautiful both with and without!", her subscribers wrote in the comments.


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