Kevin Curry and his dog Mellow. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Goodbye, My Friend": Man Takes His Dog For One Last Touching Walk Before Saying Goodbye

14:00 09.06.23
Dixie and Diego. Source: Facebook screenshot

"Happy Chance": Couple Unknowingly Adopts The Little Sister Of Their Dog Who Cannot See

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Maternal love. Source: lovemeow screenshot

On Seeing Orphaned Kitten This Cat Could Not Ignore Her Instincts

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Adorable kittens. Source: YouTube screenshot

Hardly Had These Kittens Opened Their Eyes Than They Were Thrown Out On The Street

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Lexi the dog. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Loyal Mama Dog With A Puppy Waited A Long Time For Their Owner At The Shelter But He Never Returned

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Rufus the dog with his dad. Source: Lydia Crochet screenshot

Dog Waited Seven Long Years For His Owner To Return Refusing To Believe He Was Gone

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Juice the dog in his kennel. Source: Facebook screenshot

This Dog Can't Stand Life In Shelter And Cries His Eyes Out Every Day

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Lily and Lennon with their big sis Lucy. Source: Instagram screenshot

This Female Labrador Has Become A Big Sister Amazingly Helpful To Her Family's Newborn Twin Girls, Video

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Cats trapped inside the wall. Source: YouTube screenshot

Animal Shelter Rescues 9 Cats And 7 Kittens Trapped Inside A Wall

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Wylie the dog. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Abandoned Dog Does His Best To Charm His Rescuers And Convince Them To Adopt Him

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Kind security guard helps a stray dog. Source: The Dodo screenshot

Security Guard Helped This Sweet Stray Dog And The Pooch Wouldn't Stop Coming Back To Him

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Sisters. Source: pets-dating screenshot

"Like Sisters": Little Girl And Dog Formed Warm Friendship

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Cat family. Source: Facebook screenshot

Stray Mama Cat Gives Up Comfort To Protect Her Kittens From The Elements, Video

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Rio the cat and Bruce the dog. Source: Instagram screenshot

Cat And Dog Go Camping, Fishing At The Lake, And Mountain Climbing

20:00 03.06.23
Casey Rivara. Source: YouTube screenshot

"Both Lives Are Ruined": California Dad Helping Ducks Cross A Busy Street Run Over By Car

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Senior cat. Source: YouTube screenshot

Having Known Only One Family For 16 Years This Senior Cat Who Lost His Owner Never Thought He'd Find Love Again

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Myko the dog with his favorite blankie. Source: The Dodo screenshot

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Tiny kitten. Source: YouTube screenshot

Hearing A Frightened Kitten Crying Dogs Come Running To Comfort The Baby

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Doting daddy and his feline family. Source: TikTok screenshot

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Feral cats living on the farm. Source: YouTube screenshot

When Buying A Farm This Couple Made A Wonderful Decision About 15 Cats Living There

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